aurum / test / gentests-setuptestrepos.zsh

emulate -L zsh
tar xJf testrepo.tar.xz

tar xJf gittestrepo.tar.xz
tar xJf gitteststatusrepo.tar.xz

for test in annotate-buffers commit record stat statmaps vimdiff diff update \
            prevmessage vimdiff-usewin vimdiff-full cmdaus
    mkdir ${test}repo
    tar c -C testrepo . | (cd ${test}repo && tar x)
hg clone testrepo testrepo-cloned
for test in *.in ; do
    [[ $test == ]] && continue
    [[ -d ${test}repo ]] && continue
    mkdir ${test}repo
    tar c -C testrepo-cloned . | (cd ${test}repo && tar x)
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