aurum / test /

:let $LANG="C"
:let g:curtest='gittest'
:W{{{1 Annotate
:Run! AuAnnotate file ./gittestrepo/* | wincmd w
:W{{{1 Branch
:Run! AuBranch next3 repo ./gittestrepo/
:W{{{1 Log: nomerges
:Run! AuLog ./gittestrepo/ nomerges
:W{{{1 Log: files
:Run! AuLog ./gittestrepo/ showfiles
:W{{{1 Log: everything
:Run! AuLog ./gittestrepo/ stat patch showfiles showrenames showcopies
:W{{{1 Status: current
:Run! AuStatus ./gitteststatusrepo/
:W{{{1 Status: relative to other (1)
:Run! AuStatus ./gitteststatusrepo/ rev1 HEAD^
:W{{{1 Status: relative to other (2)
:Run! AuStatus ./gitteststatusrepo/ rev2 HEAD^
:W{{{1 Status: between two revisions
:Run! AuStatus ./gittestrepo/ rev1 erevision rev2 next
:W{{{1 Commit
:edit ./gittestrepo/newfile.vim
iW In file newfile.vim:write
:Run! AuCommit message Added\ newfile.vim date 1990-10-11 user ZyX\ <> type unknown ./gittestrepo/newfile.vim
:WT normal! ggdd
:W{{{1 Commit 2
oW File newfile.vim, second line:write
:Run! AuCommit date 1990-10-12 user ZyX\ <>
Added second line to newfile.vim
// It was not required really:write
:WT normal! ggdd