ZyX_I avatar ZyX_I committed 0e23fe4

@/fwc: Added onlyfirst support to actions completion compilation function

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             let self.onlyfirst-=1
         let self.subs[-1]=savedsub
-        call self.up().else()
+        call self.up()
+        if self.onlyfirst
+            return [[a:caidxstr], a:addedsavemsgs]
+        else
+            call self.else()
+        endif
     call self.let(actionstr, self.getmatcher(get(a:adescr, 'actionsmatcher',
                 \                                s:actdefmatcher),


+`<abc in list
++ - <def in list2>>
+  @+
+  abc def
+  @d+
+  =s:list2
 #▶2 {next}+{actions}
 `+ in list
 +<abc in list2
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