ZyX_I committed 1555cd3

@/fwc: Fixed {optional}+{optional}+{next} completion:
If there were two nested {optional} sections followed by another section
inner {optional} section was ignored (example: `[in l1 [in l2]] + in l3')

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             " XXX This implementation does not cover all cases. I won't fix this 
             " because it is too complicated.
-            let failstr=self.getlvarid('fail')
-            call self.let(failstr, 1)
-            let i=0
             if hasnext
+                let failstr=self.getlvarid('fail')
+                call self.let(failstr, 0)
+                let oldcaidxstr=self.getlvarid('oldcaidxstr')
+                let newcaidxstr=self.getlvarid('newcaidxstr')
+                call self.let(oldcaidxstr, a:caidxstr)
+                call self.increment(a:largsstr, -1)
+                let self.failstr=failstr
+                let i=0
                 for opt in a:adescr.optional
-                    call self.if(failstr)
+                    if i>0
+                        call self.if(failstr)
+                    endif
                     call        self.try()
                     call         self.pushms('throwignore')
                     call         self.compadescr(opt, a:idx.'.'.i.'(optional)',
                                     \            'check', 1)
                     call        self.popms()
-                    call            self.let(failstr, 0)
                     call            self.let(a:caidxstr, self.getlastsub())
                     call        self.catch(s:cfreg)
-                    call    self.endif()
+                    call            self.let(failstr, 1)
+                    call        self.up()
+                    if i>0
+                        call    self.endif()
+                    endif
                     let self.subs[-1]=[a:caidxstr]
                     let i+=1
+                unlet self.failstr
+                call self.increment(a:largsstr, 1)
                 call self.if(failstr)
+                call    self.let(newcaidxstr, a:caidxstr)
+                call    self.let(a:caidxstr, oldcaidxstr)
             let i=0
             for opt in a:adescr.optional
                 let i+=1
             if hasnext
+                call    self.let(a:caidxstr, newcaidxstr)
                 call self.endif()
             return [[a:caidxstr], a:addedsavemsgs]
         call self.let(a:caidxstr, newsub)
     call self.catch(s:cfreg)
-    if lopt==1 && has_key(a:adescr.optional[0], 'arg')
+    if has_key(self, 'failstr')
+        call self.let(self.failstr, 1)
+    endif
+    if lopt==1 && has_key(a:adescr.optional[0], 'arg') && a:type is# 'pipe'
         let defaults=reverse(map(filter(copy(a:adescr.optional[0].arg),
                     \                   'exists("v:val[0][0]") && '.
                     \                   'v:val[0][0] is# "defval"'),


 # vim: cms=#%s fmr=▶,▲ sw=2 ts=2 sts=2 et


 `[(in list  match /e/)] [(key dict  match /b/]
   def-ghi abc adb
+`[in list [in list2]]
+  @+
+  =s:list
+  @abc+
+  =s:list2
 #▶2 {prefixes}
 `{   abc  in list
 +    def  in list2
+`[in list [in list2]] + in list3
+  @+
+  =s:list+s:list3
+  @abc+
+  =s:list2+s:list3
 #▶2 {optional}+{prefixes}
 `[in list] {!allfolds}
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