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Added information about FraworRegister return value and {0} argument

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         |frawor-t-version|). If {oneload} is true, then plugin is considered 
         loaded when it is registered. Arguments {g} and {F} must contain 
         dictionaries with global and function variables.
+        This function returns dictionary with the following keys:
+        Key          Description ~
+        id           Plugin identifier string. Normally it contains a list of 
+                     path components of script file separated by `/' with 
+                     leading runtimepath and extension removed. If plugin with 
+                     such id already exists, trailing `/' is added.
+        runtimepath  Runtimepath of your plugin (empty if frawor failed to 
+                     detect it).
+        type         First component of plugin file path that is not part of 
+                     runtimepath (or `/unknown' if frawor failed to detect it).
+                                                     *frawor-anonymous-plugin*
+        You may specify 0 instead of {version}. In this case plugin type will be 
+        `/anonymous', plugin id will be equal to `file' argument (possibly with 
+        some trailing `/' added), runtimepath will be empty.
 frawor#Setup(version, dependencies, oneload)                  *frawor#Setup()*
         Creates s:F, s:g global variables, s:Eval function and registers 
 4. Types                                                        *frawor-types*
 version :: [ Integer ]                                      *frawor-t-version*
-        List of integers, all integers must not be negative.
+        List of integers, all integers must be nonnegative.
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