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Made delfunctions s: prefix handling less error-prone

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 execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {}, 1)
+let s:g.sidfpref=substitute(s:Eval('expand("<sfile>")[9:-5]'), s:g._sid,'%u','')
 "▶1 delfunctions
 function s:F.delfunctions(plugdict)
     let d={}
         let fstr=string(d.Function)[10:-3]
         if fstr[:1]==#'s:'
-            let fstr='<SNR>'.a:plugdict.sid.'_'.fstr[2:]
+            let fstr=printf(s:g.sidfpref, a:plugdict.sid).fstr[2:]
         elseif string(+fstr)==#fstr


-load: plugin/frawor/functions
-load: plugin/frawor
-load: plugin/writefile-feature
-load: plugin/ignoredeps-feature
-unloadpre: plugin/frawor/functions
-unloadpre: plugin/ignoredeps-feature
-unloadpre: plugin/writefile-feature
-unloadpre: plugin/frawor
-unload: plugin/frawor/functions
-unload: plugin/ignoredeps-feature
-load: plugin/frawor
-load: plugin/writefile-feature
-load: plugin/ignoredeps-feature
-load: plugin/frawor/functions
 load: plugin/frawor/functions
 load: plugin/frawor
 load: plugin/writefile-feature
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