ZyX_I committed 64fc398

Updated package version, added tag

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 288739061e8355e9134d9b606381836345807ea0 release-0.1.24
 c1683934455928961e93466275cedbcae4ea564c release-0.2
 3d8a36c9fca451fd908c7f6b8829d9f2aa8c1b02 release-0.2.1
+9967b3f3260cd0b23fb569bb3ff7e60504f5c7b3 release-0.2.2


     "name": "frawor",
-    "version": "0.2.1",
+    "version": "0.2.2",
     "author": "ZyX <>",
     "maintainer": "ZyX <>",
     "description": "Vim framework",
+        "test/rtp/plugin/invalid-getoption.22.vim",
+        "test/rtp/plugin/invalid-getoption.23.vim",
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