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         function s:F.somefunc(args)
+   In some plugins you may even end with having no non-anonymous function 
+   definitions.
 2. If function cannot be anonymous (because it is is to be used by `sort()`, for 
    example), then its name should be added to `s:_functions` list.
 3. If you define a command, its name should go to `s:_commands` list, same for 
 1. Plugin reloading for easier development and updates without vim restart:
         call frawor#Reload('plugin/frawor')
    to reload all plugins (as they all depend on core frawor module).
 2. Frawor provides an easier way to mappings customization:
    launch `:Bar` using `,t`. In this case all he needs is to add the following 
    lines to the vimrc:
-        " Define a leader for group `Foo'. Replace with 0 to disable group
         let g:frawormap_Foo=','
         let g:frawormap_Foo_bar='t'
         let g:frawormap_Foo_baz=0
+   Replacing `','` with `0` here will lead to disabling the whole mapping 
+   group.
 3. Options:
                                           \'@FWC': ['key formats  '.
                                           \         'range 0 inf', 'check'],})
+   Here you can see FWC decorator which uses FWC-to-vimscript compiler where FWC 
+   is a name of the domain-specific language written exclusively for frawor.
 5. Complicated command-line arguments handling:
         execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {'@/commands': '0.0'})
         " Foo nobeatify f html
         " Foo format html beatify c 78
+   Note that while command accepts short versions of prefixes, `s:F.run_foo` 
+   function will get dictionary with only full names.
 6. Portable versions of OS-specific functions: vimscript implementation of some 
    functions from python os module.