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Fixed some type signatures

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 Resource `map' is defined in plugin/frawor/mappings.
-map.maparg :: {lhs}, {abbr}::Bool, {mode}::Char -> {mapdescr}
+map.maparg :: {lhs}, {mode}::Char, {abbr}::Bool -> {mapdescr}
         Given an {lhs} of the mapping ({abbr}=0) or abbreviation ({abbr}=1) 
         and {mode} (see |maparg()| description) returns a dictionary with the 
         following keys:


     return s:F.recupglob(filter(glist, 's:_r.os.path.isdir(v:val)'),
                 \        a:fragments, a:i+1)
-"▶1 getuserfunctions :: () → [String]
+"▶1 getuserfunctions :: () → [[fname, fargs*]]
 " TODO cache results
 function s:F.getuserfunctions()
     redir => funlist
                 \'split(v:val[9:-2], "(")'),
                 \'[v:val[0]]+split(v:val[1], ", ")')
+"▶1 getinternalfunctions :: () + s:vimintfuncs → {fname: [length]}
 function s:F.getinternalfunctions()
     if exists('s:vimintfuncs')
         return copy(s:vimintfuncs)
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