ZyX_I committed a5a7bb0

test: Added one test to fwccompletetests.dat so that completion+check composition section covers all cases

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     return self
-"▶1 optgetconds     :: () + self → Maybe vimlexpr
+"▶1 optgetconds     :: () + self → Maybe [vimlexpr]
+" Get a list of conditions from syntax tree that looks like this:
+" {
+"   {if cond1
+"       throw 'CHECKFAILED'
+"   elseif cond2
+"       throw 'CHECKFAILED'
+"   endif}
+"   { XXX exactly one additional block here. It will be ignored }
+" }
+" For other syntax trees it will return 0.
 function s:compiler.optgetconds()
     if len(self.l)==2
                 \&& len(self.l[0])>2


 #▶1 Completion+check composition
+\function s:.startswitha(str)
+\    return a:str[0] is 'a'
 `(in list match /^a/)
   =filter(copy(s:list), 'v:val[0] is "a"')
 `(in listr isreg)
+`(in list ?*startswitha)
+  @+
+  =filter(copy(s:list), 'v:val[0] is "a"')
 #▶1 Different sections
 #▶2 {required}
 `in list
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