ZyX_I committed aa4519f

@/fwc: Fixed completion when {message} is present before second check

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         if a:type is# 'complete'
+            if comptype is# 'msg'
+                continue
+            endif
             if addedcompletion
                 if !addedcycle
                     let addedcycle=1


 ::: Section <Different sections/{prefixes}+{next}>
 ::: Section <Different sections/{optional}+{next}>
 ::: Section <Different sections/{optional}+{prefixes}>
+::: Section <Messages>
 <<< messages


   allfolds noallfolds
 # vim: cms=#%s fmr=▶,▲ sw=2 ts=2 sts=2 et ft=conf
+#▶1 Messages
+:let s:_messages={'test': 'Test message'}
+`(in list #test match /^a/)
+  @+
+  =filter(copy(s:list), 'v:val[0] is "a"')
+`(#test in list match /^a/)
+  @+
+  =filter(copy(s:list), 'v:val[0] is "a"')
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