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tests: More tests, now for nested autoloading

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+::: Get 1
 In tracerun for fundef.cons
+::: Get 2
+In tracerun for fundef.cons
+In tracerun for fundef.cons
+::: Run 1
 Calling fundef.cons
-Finished fundef.cons
+Finished fundef.cons
+::: Run 2
+Calling fundef.cons (2)
+Calling fundef.cons
+Finished fundef.cons
+Finished fundef.cons (2)


 execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {'@/functions': '0.1'})
+W::: Get 1
 let s:F.func=s:_f.wrapfunc({'function': ['@plugin-with-autoload-function', [0, 0], 'tracedfunc']})
+W::: Get 2
+let s:F.func2=s:_f.wrapfunc({'function': ['@plugin-with-double-autoload-function', [0, 0], 'tracedfunc']})
+W::: Run 1
 call s:F.func()
+W::: Run 2
+call s:F.func2()


+execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {'@/functions': '0.1',
+            \               '@/decorators': '0.0',
+            \'@plugin-with-double-autoload-function': '0.0'})
+function s:F.tracerun(plugdict, fname, ...)
+    " XXX Ordering is unknown thus message is the same for both traceruns
+    call WriteFile('In tracerun for '.a:fname)
+    return [1, '@@@', 0, ['try',
+                \           'call WriteFile("Calling '.a:fname.' (2)")'],
+                \        ['finally',
+                \           'call WriteFile("Finished '.a:fname.' (2)")',
+                \         'endtry'], 0]
+function s:F.func(...)
+    return a:0 == 1 ? a:1 : a:000
+call s:_f.adddecorator('tracerun2', s:F.tracerun)
+let s:_aufunctions.tracedfunc={'function': ['@plugin-with-autoload-function', [0], 'tracedfunc'], '@tracerun2': []}
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