ZyX_I committed c39a6d3

Updated package version, added tag

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 e166cdcf120eb064138fc6abde22398f5c66cdb0 release-0.1.17
 ee18bd46a8310da3357020ecb27e2d1255742acf release-0.1.18
 12ed55914d846ce1023608bb7c5a1d83db6c8059 release-0.1.19
+48ad47a6931876a3f14bc5b2027a46e0a9774a54 release-0.1.20


     "name": "frawor",
-    "version": "0.1.19",
+    "version": "0.1.20",
     "author": "ZyX <>",
     "maintainer": "ZyX <>",
     "description": "Vim framework",
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