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@/functions: Make decsort never return 0 (sort alphabetically if priority is equal)

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         must only be used to make error messages more verbose) and an argument 
         (value of `@{decid}' key) and return a tuple of five values:
         1. priority (any number). Decorators with higher priority will be put 
-           less close to return statement;
+           less close to return statement, if priority is equal decorators' 
+           names are taken into account;
         2. arguments variable name (return `@@@' to leave it unchanged);
         3. private decorator variable (0 if not used);
         4. a list of lines that are to be put before |:return| statement 

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     let b=a:b[2]
     if a==b
         call s:_f.warn('deceqpri', a:a[0], a:b[0])
+        return ((sort([a:a[0], a:b[0]]) is a:a[0])?(-1):(1))
-    return ((a>b)?(-1):((a<b)?(1):(0)))
+    return ((a>b)?(-1):(1))
 let s:_functions['s:Decsort']=function('s:Decsort')
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