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ZyX_I  committed df375b8

Replaced all `!=#' with `isnot#'

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File plugin/frawor.vim

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     let foundrtp=""
     let lastpath=""
     let adddirs=[]
-    while lastpath!=#curpath
+    while lastpath isnot# curpath
         let lastpath=curpath
         if has_key(s:dircache, curpath)
             call extend(removedcomponents, s:dircache[curpath][0], 0)
         if s:pls[plid].runtimepath is# plrtp
             call s:_f.throw('doublereg', plid)
-        if plugtype[0]!=#'/'
+        if plugtype[0] isnot# '/'
             call s:_f.warn('plregistered', plid, plrtp)
         while has_key(s:pls, plid)
             "▶2 Loading dependencies
             for [dplid, d.Version] in items(plugdict.dependencies)
                 if has_key(s:loading, dplid)
-                    if dplid!=#plid
+                    if dplid isnot# plid
                         call s:_f.warn('recdep', dplid, plid)

File plugin/frawor/autocommands.vim

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         call s:_f.throw('agidnstr', a:plugdict.id)
     elseif a:agid!~#'^\w\+$'
         call s:_f.throw('invagid', a:plugdict.id, a:agid)
-    elseif has_key(s:augroups,a:agid) && s:augroups[a:agid].plid!=#a:plugdict.id
+    elseif has_key(s:augroups,a:agid) && s:augroups[a:agid].plid isnot# a:plugdict.id
         call s:_f.throw('agiddef', a:agid,a:plugdict.id,s:augroups[a:agid].plid)
     elseif type(a:events)!=type([])
         call s:_f.throw('agenlst', a:agid, a:plugdict.id)

File plugin/frawor/decorators.vim

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     "▶3 Check arguments
     if type(a:deid)!=type("")
         call s:_f.throw('deidnstr', a:plugdict.id)
-    elseif a:deid!~#'^\w\+$' && a:deid!=#'_'
+    elseif a:deid!~#'^\w\+$' && a:deid isnot# '_'
         call s:_f.throw('invdeid', a:plugdict.id, a:deid)
     elseif has_key(s:decorators, a:deid)
         call s:_f.throw('deiddef', a:deid, a:plugdict.id,

File plugin/frawor/decorators/altervars.vim

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         "▶2 Process options
         elseif varname[0] is# '&' && vnlen>3
             "▶3 Check option name
-            if varname[2]!=#':' || !(varname[1] is# 'g' || varname[1] is# 'l')
+            if varname[2] isnot# ':' || !(varname[1] is# 'g' || varname[1] is# 'l')
                 call s:_f.throw('noocpref', a:fname, plid, i, varname)
             elseif varname[3:]!~#'^\l\+$'
                 call s:_f.throw('invoname', a:fname, plid, i, varname[3:])
             "▶3 If argument is supplied
             if bidx!=-1
                 "▶4 Altering varname, element and *args variables
-                let noclose=(varname[-1:]!=#')')
+                let noclose=(varname[-1:] isnot# ')')
                 if !hasvar
                     call add(element, 0)

File plugin/frawor/functions.vim

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     execute join(s:F.beatycode(func), "\n")
-    if fname!=#"fundef.cons"
+    if fname isnot# "fundef.cons"
         let fundef.cons=function(fname)
     return fundef

File plugin/frawor/fwc/compiler.vim

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             let type=remove(iftree, 0)
             if type is# 'if' || type is# 'elseif'
                 let [condition, block]=remove(iftree, 0, 1)
-                if block!=#[['throw', s:cfstr]]
+                if block isnot# [['throw', s:cfstr]]
                     return 0
                 call add(conditions, condition)

File plugin/frawor/mappings.vim

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     if has_key(s:mgroups, mgid)
         let mgroup=s:mgroups[mgid]
-        if mgroup.plid!=#a:plugdict.id
+        if mgroup.plid isnot# a:plugdict.id
             call s:_f.throw('mgiddef', mgid, a:plugdict.id, mgroup.plid)

File plugin/frawor/os.vim

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     let r=[]
     let path=a:path
     let oldpath=''
-    while oldpath!=#path
+    while oldpath isnot# path
         call insert(r, s:os.path.basename(path))
         let oldpath=path
         let path=s:os.path.dirname(path)