ZyX_I avatar ZyX_I committed e8ee57f

@/fwc: Fixed readreg() (it tested whether regex+border is a valid regular expression, while just regex was needed)

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         call self.throw('unmatchp', a:endstr)
     call self.removestr(len(c))
+    let c=c[:-2]
         call matchstr('', c)
         call self.throw('invreg', c)
-    return c[:-2]
+    return c
 "▶1 readflt    :: () + self → String|0 + self(s)
 "  {flt} :: ( "+" | "-" ) ( "nan" | "inf" | {unum} )


 ['isfunc',          'check'], ['g:[xx]'],           0
 #▶3 match
 :set magic
+['match @\v.+@',    'check'], ['abc'],              1
 ['match/\vb@<!a/',  'check'], ['abc'],              1
 ['match/\vb@<!a/',  'check'], ['bac'],              0
 ['match/\vb@<!a/',  'check'], [0],                  0
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