ZyX_I committed f46d88a

@/fwc/compiler: fixed optimizecompf broken by substitution of ==# operator with isnot#

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 "▶1 addjoinedmtchs  :: &self
 function s:compiler.addjoinedmtchs()
-    if !self.joinlists
-        let lststrs=[]
+    if !self.joinlists && !empty(self.ldstrs)
         let curldbase=self.getlvarid('curld').'_'
         let ambstrs=[]
         let i=0
                 \&& len(self.l[0])>2
                 \&& self.l[0][0] is# 'if'
                 \&& ((self.l[0][-1] is# 'endif'
-                \  && self.l[0][-3] isnot 'else')
-                \ || (self.l[0][-2] isnot 'else'))
+                \  && self.l[0][-3] isnot# 'else')
+                \ || (self.l[0][-2] isnot# 'else'))
         let conditions=[]
         let iftree=copy(self.l[0])
         while !empty(iftree)
             let type=remove(iftree, 0)
             if type is# 'if' || type is# 'elseif'
                 let [condition, block]=remove(iftree, 0, 1)
-                if block isnot# [['throw', s:cfstr]]
+                if block!=#[['throw', s:cfstr]]
                     return 0
                 call add(conditions, condition)
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