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         4.5. base64 resource                      |frawor-r-base64|
         4.6. sign resource                        |frawor-r-sign|
         4.7. history resource                     |frawor-r-history|
+        4.8. new_constructor resource             |frawor-r-new_constructor|
     5. Options                                    |frawor-options|
         5.1. Mapping options                      |frawor-mapoptions|
     6. Type definitions                           |frawor-types|
         Clears given history (see |hist-names|) and populates it with a list 
         of lines.
+4.8. new_constructor resource                       *frawor-r-new_constructor*
+Resource “new_constructor” is defined in plugin/frawor/fwc/constructor. It is 
+used to create VimL code by creating a syntax tree:
+    new_constructor :: () -> tree
+Tree object is described in |FWC-constructor-plugin|.
 5. Options                                                    *frawor-options*
     2.0: Renamed self.tree and self.stack to self._tree and self._stack
     3.0: Renamed self.l to self._l
     3.1: Made self.continue and self.break go up one level.
+    4.0: Splitted self.addif(expr?) into self.addif(expr) and self.addelse()
     0.1: Added |frawor-r-os.path.relpath|
          Made |frawor-r-os.path.normpath| also simplify its argument