frawor / plugin / frawor / fwc.vim

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@/*: Removed third argument from frawor#Setup calls: preparing to remove twoload feature
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@/fwc: Made `isfunc' be also a filter that transforms its argument into a function reference
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@/fwc: Made `range' check be aware of -onlystrings option
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@/fwc: Made `path' pipe expand current argument
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@/fwc/intfuncs: Added `idof' check
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
Replaced some double strikes with single
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
Moved fwc feature and FWC decorator into separate module (@/fwc)
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@/checks, @/fwc: Moved scanner to a different module, started working on compiler
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