frawor / test / test.vim

if !exists('g:testcmd')
    let s:testcmd='call FraworLoad(g:testfile[:-5])'
    let s:testcmd=g:testcmd.' '.fnameescape(g:testfile)
let s:testprefix=substitute(g:testfile,
            \'^\Vplugin/'.escape(g:curtest,'\'), '', '')[:-5]
if !empty(s:testprefix)
    let s:testprefix.=': '
let s:exception=""
redir => s:var
    execute s:testcmd
catch /^Frawor:/
    let s:exception=v:exception
    call WriteFile(s:testprefix.PurgeFrawor(v:exception))
redir END
let s:messages=split(s:var, "\n")
if !empty(s:messages) && s:messages!=#[s:exception]
    call map(s:messages, 'PurgeFrawor(v:val)')
    call WriteFile(['>>> '.s:testprefix.'messages']+s:messages+['<<< messages'])
unlet s:messages s:var s:exception s:testprefix
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