frawor / test / fwccomplete.ok

>>> messages
::: Section <Built-in completion functions/in>
::: Section <Built-in completion functions/key>
::: Section <Built-in completion functions/take>
::: Section <Built-in completion functions/either>
::: Section <Built-in completion functions/first>
::: Section <Built-in completion functions/if>
::: Section <Completion+check composition>
::: Section <Different sections/{required}>
::: Section <Different sections/{optional}>
::: Section <Different sections/{prefixes}>
::: Section <Different sections/{next}>
::: Section <Different sections/{actions}>
::: Section <Different sections/{next}+{actions}>
::: Section <Different sections/{prefixes}+{next}>
::: Section <Different sections/{optional}+{next}>
::: Section <Different sections/{optional}+{prefixes}>
::: Section <Messages>
<<< messages
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