frawor / test / rtp / plugin / wrapfunc_cons-checker,filter,+buffer.vim

execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {'@/functions': '0.0',
            \     '@/decorators/altervars': '0.0',
            \                   '@/checks': '0.0'}, 1)
function s:F.wrappedfunc()
    call WriteFile('funcbefore:b'.bufnr('%'))
    call WriteFile('funcafter:b'.bufnr('%'))
function s:F.checker(args)
    call WriteFile('checkerbefore:b'.bufnr('%'))
    call WriteFile('checkerafter:b'.bufnr('%'))
    return empty(a:args)
function s:F.filter(args)
    call WriteFile('filterbefore:b'.bufnr('%'))
    call WriteFile('filterafter:b'.bufnr('%'))
    return empty(a:args) ? a:args : 0
let Function=s:_f.wrapfunc({'function': s:F.wrappedfunc,
            \               '@checker': s:F.checker,
            \                '@filter': s:F.filter,
            \             '@altervars': [['+buffer']]})
call WriteFile('start:b'.bufnr('%'))
call call(Function, [], {})
call WriteFile('end:b'.bufnr('%'))
call call(Function, [0], {})
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