frawor / test / fwccompletetests-os.dat

:let s:list=['abc', 'ab-c', 'def-ghi', 'adb']
:let s:list2=['abc', 'def-b', 'geh']
:let s:list3=['foo', 'bar', 'baz']
:let s:dict={'abc': 1, 'adb': 1, 'aef': 1}
#▶1 Built-in completion functions
#▶2 path
:call os.mkdir('FWCdirectory')
:call os.chdir('FWCdirectory')
:call os.mkdir('dir')
:call os.mkdir('.bar')
:let abcdefghi=os.path.join('abc', 'def', 'ghi')
:let dirdef   =os.path.join('dir', 'def')
:let foodef   =os.path.join('foo', 'def')
:let dirdefghi=os.path.join(dirdef, 'ghi')
:call writefile([], 'foo', 'b')
:call os.makedirs(abcdefghi)
:let $D='abc'
`path w
  abc/ dir/ foo .bar/


  abc/ .bar/





# vim: cms=#%s fmr=▶,▲ sw=2 ts=2 sts=2 et
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