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File runtime/doc/options.txt

 	This option cannot be set from a |modeline| or in the |sandbox|, for
 	security reasons.
+						*'guicolors'* *'gcol'*
+'guicolors' 'gcol'	boolean (default off)
+			global
+			{not in Vi}
+			{not available when compiled without the |+xterm_rgb|
+			feature}
+	When on, uses |highlight-guifg| and |highlight-guibg| attributes in 
+	terminal (thus using 24-bit color). Requires xterm-compatible 
+	terminal.
 			*'guicursor'* *'gcr'* *E545* *E546* *E548* *E549*
 'guicursor' 'gcr'	string	(default "n-v-c:block-Cursor/lCursor,

File runtime/doc/various.txt

    *+xsmp*		XSMP (X session management) support
    *+xsmp_interact*	interactive XSMP (X session management) support
 N  *+xterm_clipboard*	Unix only: xterm clipboard handling
+m  *+xterm_rgb*		24-bit color in xterm-compatible terminals support
 m  *+xterm_save*	save and restore xterm screen |xterm-screens|
 N  *+X11*		Unix only: can restore window title |X11|