Anonymous committed aab4b29

updated for version 7.3.745
Problem: Automatically setting 'ttymouse' doesn't work.
Solution: Reset the "option was set" flag when using the default.

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+ * Reset the flag indicating option "name" was set.
+ */
+    void
+    char_u	*name;
+    int idx = findoption(name);
+    if (idx >= 0)
+	options[idx].flags &= ~P_WAS_SET;
  * compatible_set() - Called when 'compatible' has been set or unset.
  * When 'compatible' set: Set all relevant options (those that have the P_VIM)


 void vimrc_found __ARGS((char_u *fname, char_u *envname));
 void change_compatible __ARGS((int on));
 int option_was_set __ARGS((char_u *name));
+void reset_option_was_set __ARGS((char_u *name));
 int can_bs __ARGS((int what));
 void save_file_ff __ARGS((buf_T *buf));
 int file_ff_differs __ARGS((buf_T *buf, int ignore_empty));
 #  endif
 	if (p != NULL)
+	{
 	    set_option_value((char_u *)"ttym", 0L, p, 0);
+	    /* Reset the WAS_SET flag, 'ttymouse' can be set to "sgr" or
+	     * "xterm2" in check_termcode(). */
+	    reset_option_was_set((char_u *)"ttym");
+	}
 	if (p == NULL
 #   ifdef FEAT_GUI
 		|| gui.in_use
 static int included_patches[] =
 {   /* Add new patch number below this line */
+    745,
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