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updated for version 7.3.753
Problem: When there is a QuitPre autocommand using ":q" twice does not work
for exiting when there are more files to edit.
Solution: Do not decrement quitmore in an autocommand. (Techlive Zheng)

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  • Tags v7-3-753

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File src/ex_docmd.c

-	/* when not editing the last file :q has to be typed twice */
+    /* When the last file has not been edited :q has to be typed twice. */
     if (quitmore
 #ifdef FEAT_EVAL
 	    /* avoid that a function call in 'statusline' does this */
 	    && !getline_equal(fgetline, cookie, get_func_line)
+	    /* avoid that an autocommand, e.g. QuitPre, does this */
+	    && !getline_equal(fgetline, cookie, getnextac)

File src/fileio.c

 static int event_ignored __ARGS((event_T event));
 static int au_get_grouparg __ARGS((char_u **argp));
 static int do_autocmd_event __ARGS((event_T event, char_u *pat, int nested, char_u *cmd, int forceit, int group));
-static char_u *getnextac __ARGS((int c, void *cookie, int indent));
 static int apply_autocmds_group __ARGS((event_T event, char_u *fname, char_u *fname_io, int force, int group, buf_T *buf, exarg_T *eap));
 static void auto_next_pat __ARGS((AutoPatCmd *apc, int stop_at_last));
  * Called by do_cmdline() to get the next line for ":if".
  * Returns allocated string, or NULL for end of autocommands.
-    static char_u *
+    char_u *
 getnextac(c, cookie, indent)
     int	    c UNUSED;
     void    *cookie;

File src/proto/

 int has_insertcharpre __ARGS((void));
 void block_autocmds __ARGS((void));
 void unblock_autocmds __ARGS((void));
+char_u *getnextac __ARGS((int c, void *cookie, int indent));
 int has_autocmd __ARGS((event_T event, char_u *sfname, buf_T *buf));
 char_u *get_augroup_name __ARGS((expand_T *xp, int idx));
 char_u *set_context_in_autocmd __ARGS((expand_T *xp, char_u *arg, int doautocmd));

File src/version.c

 static int included_patches[] =
 {   /* Add new patch number below this line */
+    753,