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Added undo_indent and cpo saving/setting

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 " Maintainer:       Nikolai Pavlov <zyx.vim@gmail.com>
 " Only load this indent file when no other was loaded.
-if exists("b:did_indent")
+if exists('b:did_indent')
+let s:save_cpo = &cpo
+set cpo&vim
 let b:did_indent = 1
 setlocal indentexpr=GetYAMLIndent(v:lnum)
 setlocal indentkeys=!^F,o,O,0#,0},0],<:>,-
 setlocal nosmartindent
+let b:undo_indent = 'setlocal indentexpr< indentkeys< smartindent<'
 " Only define the function once.
-if exists("*GetYAMLIndent")
+if exists('*GetYAMLIndent')
     return previndent
+let &cpo = s:save_cpo
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