This is GNU fdisk, a package attempting to replace partitioning programs
not based on libparted.

This version of GNU fdisk is still being developed. Our target is to
write fdisk, cfdisk and others tools completely in scheme language,
using GNU Guile.

At this time the GUILE module is complete, and as we develop the
front end we also test it. The source code is in `src/libparted.scm'.
The documentation for the module is not yet complete. The available part
is in the `doc/gnufdisk.texi' file.

The package depends on GNU Guile and parted.

The GNU Guile used for development is of version 2.2.2.  The parted
package used for development is of version 3.2.

The GNU fdisk home page can be found at

  Christian Brunello <>
  GNU fdisk Maintainer


This file is part of GNU fdisk 
Copyright (C) 2017 Free Software Foundation Inc.

This file may be modified and/or distributed without restriction.  This is
not an invitation to misrepresent the history of GNU fdisk