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right now, in Harlowe 2.1.0, the only way for a user to enter text is by using the prompt macro, which shows a big popup box that some people might quickly click off of,thinking its a windows update notification or something. Another problem with the prompt macro is that the box immediately pops up, before the page it's on even loads. Let's say you're on the title screen of a game, and you click start to take you to the character creation screen. If you use prompt, the box immediately pops up before the screen behind it has even switched from title screen to character creation screen.

I think (and I am aware that many others agree with me) that another way to enter text should be added, namely an on-screen text box that the user can type into. I know this is possible because I've seen older games and games in different formats do it before. This is especially strange because in all other areas, Harlowe is far and away the best pre-installed twine format, so why should it be behind on this one simple issue? please add this feature, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. greyelf

    I would suggest also adding other standard HTML input methods like radio-button, check-box, and select.

  2. Brett Greenfield

    I was looking to solve this same issue, so far I found a work around with a mix of javascript, html and (set:) how set is called is up to you, I am using (live:) for nearly instant continous update and display of the (set:) value. note that the onchange effect only happens when you click off the text box or hit enter.

    <input type=text placeholder="Type here" onchange=update1(this)> <script>var textbox1 = "no value yet";function update1(v){textbox1=v.value}</script> (live: 0.5s)[(set: $textbox1 to textbox1)$textbox1]]

  3. Daniel Lemes

    +1 on this. The only known solution (one involving Javascript and hooks) doesn't work anymore after Harlowe 2.x. To be honest, I think this is nothing less than a must-have and amazes me such lack...

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