No make and install instructions?

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Could you add explicit instructions for making and installing Harlowe (or did I not see them)?

When I run make, I get an error: $ make ERROR: Can't load reporter file: /Users/tpdi/workspace/harlowe/scripts/jshintreporter.js make: *** [jshint] Error 1

When I remove the jshint_flags, make completes, but all I see in build/ is a css file. Where should I be looking for javascript, and how should I run Harlowe?

Thanks much.

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  1. Leon Arnott repo owner

    Which branch are you using? Did you check out the repo correctly? The reporter file should exist.

    make by default only manufactures files necessary to run test/test_suite.html in a current-version browser. This is because all of the Harlowe JS source files can be run directly, no compilation necessary. You should use make all to produce the story format file.

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