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Solve issue with empty photos

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     __table_options__ = {
         '__omit_fields__' : ['uid', 'author_id', 'gallery_id', 'gallery'],
         '__xml_fields__' : ['image'],
-        'image': lambda filler,row: html.literal('<img src="%s"/>' % row.image.thumb_url)
+        'image': lambda filler,row: html.literal(row.image and '<img src="%s"/>' % row.image.thumb_url or '<span>no image</span>')


 <div xmlns:py="">
     <a class="photos_photo" py:for="photo in"
-       href="${photo.image.url}">
+       py:if="photo.image" href="${photo.image.url}">
             <div class="photos_image_frame">
                 <img src="${photo.image.thumb_url}"/>
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