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This should improve compatibility with TW2

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     from tw2.forms import FileField
     from formencode.validators import FieldStorageUploadConverter
+    from tw2.core import Deferred
 except ImportError:
     from tw.forms import FileField
     from tw.forms.validators import FieldStorageUploadConverter
+    def Deferred(f):
+        return f
 from tgext.datahelpers.validators import SQLAEntityConverter
 from tgext.pluggable import plug_url, primary_key, app_model
 from webhelpers import html
+def _get_current_user():
+    return getattr(request.identity['user'], primary_key(app_model.User).key)
 class PhotosController(EasyCrudRestController):
     allow_only = predicates.in_group('photos')
     title = "Manage Photos"
         '__hide_fields__' : ['uid', 'author', 'gallery'],
         '__field_widget_types__' : {'image':FileField},
         '__field_validator_types__' : {'image':FieldStorageUploadConverter},
-        '__field_widget_args__' : {'author':{'default':lambda:getattr(request.identity['user'],
-                                                                      primary_key(app_model.User).key)}}
+        '__field_widget_args__' : {'author':{'default':_get_current_user,
+                                             'value':Deferred(_get_current_user)}}
     __table_options__ = {
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