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Fixed css and template for old versions support

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     margin-right: auto;
-.photos_gallery_info, .photos_photo_title {
+.photos_gallery_title, .photos_photo_title {
     text-align: center;
     font-size: 1.4em;
     font-style: italic;


             <img py:if="not" src="${tg.url('/_pluggable/photos/images/gallery_default.png')}"/>
             <img py:if="" src="${[0].image.thumb_url}"/>
-        <div class="photos_gallery_info">
-            <span class="photos_gallery_title">${}</span>
+        <div class="photos_gallery_title">
+            <span class="photos_gallery_name">${}</span>
             <span class="photos_gallery_photos_number">${len(}</span>
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