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Raise version and update docs for new partials and hooks

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     * **smallpress.partials:tagcloud** -> Renders the blog tagcloud section
     * **smallpress.partials:search** -> Renders the blog search section
+    * **smallpress.partials.excerpts** -> Renders excerpts of a list of articles
+    * **smallpress.partials.excerpt** -> Renders the excerpt of an article
+Available Hooks
+Smallpress exposes some hooks and options to configure its
+Options that can be passed to the **plug** call:
+    * **form** -> Full python path of the form class to use for the Article form. By default *smallpress.lib.forms.ArticleForm* is used.
+The hooks that can be used with TurboGears2 *register_hook* are:
+    * **smallpress.before_create_article(article, values)** -> Runs before the creation of an article
+    * **smallpress.after_create_article(article, values)** -> Runs after the creation of an article, makes possible to set additional data for newly created articles
+    * **smallpress.before_edit_article(article, values)** -> Runs before displaying the edit article form, makes possible to load additional form values
+    * **smallpress.before_save_article(article, values)** -> Runs before saving the article after it got edited, makes possible to update additional data for the article.

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-    version='0.3.3',
+    version='0.3.4',
     description='Pluggable Minimalistic Blog for TurboGears2 with Attachments and Tags',
     author='Alessandro Molina',