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 will be available when logged with an user inside
 the *smallpress* Group.
+Enabling Whoosh Indexing
+SmallPress has bult in posts indexing whoosh based.
+If you have Whoosh installed it will be used to perform indexing of
+the articles for better lookup in search functions.
+When enabled Whoosh will store its index into */tmp/smallpress_whoosh*
+you can change this path by changing the `smallpress_whoosh_index`
+variable in your configuration file.
+Multiple Blogs Support
+By default smallpress will work with only one blog, but it supports
+a preliminary multiple blogs implementation. Search and TagCloud will
+be shared by all the blogs, but it is possible to filter the articles
+of only one blog and manage only its articles.
+To create a blog access */smallpress/blogs* and create a new one,
+you will then be able to access the subblog and manage it by accessing
 Exposed Partials
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