tgapp-tgcomments / tgcomments / model /

from sqlalchemy.schema import Index
import tg

from sqlalchemy import Table, ForeignKey, Column
from sqlalchemy.types import Unicode, Integer, DateTime, UnicodeText, Boolean
from sqlalchemy.orm import backref, relation

from tgcomments.model import DeclarativeBase, DBSession
from tgcomments.lib import get_user_avatar
from tgext.pluggable import app_model, primary_key

from datetime import datetime

class Comment(DeclarativeBase):
    __tablename__ = 'tgcomments_comments'
    __table_args__ = (Index('idx_commented_entity', "entity_type", "entity_id"), )

    uid = Column(Integer, autoincrement=True, primary_key=True)

    body = Column(UnicodeText, nullable=False)
    created_at = Column(DateTime,, nullable=False)
    hidden = Column(Boolean, default=False, nullable=False)

    user_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey(primary_key(app_model.User)), nullable=True)
    user = relation(app_model.User, backref=backref('comments'))

    author_name = Column(Unicode(2048), nullable=False)
    author_pic = Column(Unicode(2048), nullable=True)

    entity_id = Column(Integer, nullable=False, index=True)
    entity_type = Column(Unicode(255), nullable=False, index=True)

    def get_entity_descriptor(cls, entity):
        Type = entity.__class__
        type_primary_key = primary_key(Type)
        return Type.__name__, getattr(entity, type_primary_key.key)

    def comments_for(cls, entity, hidden='auto'):
        entity_type, entity_id = cls.get_entity_descriptor(entity)

        comments = DBSession.query(cls).filter_by(entity_type=entity_type)\

        if not (hidden==True or \
                (hidden=='auto' and tg.request.identity and 'tgcmanager' in tg.request.identity['groups'])):
            comments = comments.filter_by(hidden==False)

        return comments.order_by(cls.created_at.desc()).all()

    def add_comment(cls, entity, user, body):
        entity_type, entity_id = cls.get_entity_descriptor(entity)
        c = Comment(body=body, entity_type=entity_type, entity_id=entity_id)

        if isinstance(user, dict):
            c.author_name = user['name']
            c.author_pic = user.get('avatar')
            c.user = user
            c.author_name = user.display_name
            c.author_pic = get_user_avatar(user)

        return c
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