tgapp-tgcomments / tgcomments / controllers /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Main Controller"""
from sqlalchemy.exc import IntegrityError

from tg import TGController
from tg import expose, flash, require, url, lurl, request, redirect, validate, config
from tg.exceptions import HTTPForbidden, HTTPRedirection
from tg.i18n import ugettext as _, lazy_ugettext as l_

from tgcomments import model
from tgcomments.model import DBSession, Comment, CommentVote
from tgcomments.lib import get_user_gravatar, notify_comment_on_facebook, make_fake_comment_entity, FakeCommentEntity
import transaction

    from tg import predicates
except ImportError:
    from repoze.what import predicates

from tgext.pluggable import app_model

from formencode.validators import Email, String, Invalid, Int
from tgext.datahelpers.validators import SQLAEntityConverter
from tgext.datahelpers.utils import fail_with

def back_to_referer(message=None, status='ok', *args, **kw):
    if message:
        flash(message, status)
    if request.referer is not None:
        raise redirect(request.referer)
    raise redirect(request.host_url)

class RootController(TGController):
    def new(self, **kw):
        entity_type = getattr(app_model, kw['entity_type'], None)
        entity_id = kw['entity_id']
        if entity_type is None or entity_id is None:
            return back_to_referer(_('Failed to post comment'), status='error')

        if issubclass(entity_type, FakeCommentEntity):
            entity = make_fake_comment_entity(entity_type, entity_id)
            entity = DBSession.query(entity_type).get(entity_id)
            if not entity:
                return back_to_referer(_('Failed to post comment'), status='error')

        if not request.identity:
                user = {'name':String(not_empty=True).to_python(kw.get('author')),
            except Invalid:
                return back_to_referer(_('Failed to post comment'), status='error')
            user = request.identity['user']

        c = Comment.add_comment(entity, user, kw['body'])
        notify_comment_on_facebook(request.referer, c)
        return back_to_referer(_('Comment Added'))

    def delete(self, comment):
        return back_to_referer(_('Comment Deleted'))

    def hide(self, comment):
        comment.hidden = not comment.hidden
        if comment.hidden:
            return back_to_referer(_('Comment Hidden'))
        return back_to_referer(_('Comment Displayed'))

    def vote(self, comment, value):
        user = request.identity['user']
        vote = DBSession.query(CommentVote).filter_by(comment=comment, user=user).first()
        if vote is None:
            vote = CommentVote(comment=comment, user=user)

        votes_range = config['_pluggable_tgcomments_config'].get('votes_range', (-1, 1))
        min_vote_value = votes_range[0]
        max_vote_value = votes_range[1]

        vote.value = min(max(min_vote_value, value), max_vote_value)

        except IntegrityError:
            return back_to_referer(_('Already voted this comment'), 'warning')
        return back_to_referer(_('Thanks for your vote!'))
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