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 About userprofile
-userprofile is a Pluggable application for TurboGears2.
+userprofile is a Pluggable application for TurboGears2 which provides a basic user
+profile page with forms to allow users to edit their own profile or change their password.
 You will be able to access the registration process at
-Available Hooks
-userprofile makes available a some hooks which will be
-called during some actions to alter the default
-behavior of the appplications:
+``tgapp-userprofile`` supports some options that can be passed
+to the ``plug`` method to customize various aspects of the application:
-Exposed Partials
+- ``user_partial`` - Path of a partial to display into the user profile page.
+    Useful to add more data to the profile page without changing its template
+- ``custom_css`` - Path to a CSS file which will be used for the profile pages in place of the default one.
+User Properties
-userprofile exposes a bunch of partials which can be used
-to render pieces of the blogging system anywhere in your
+``tgapp-userprofile`` looks for various properties into the User class instances
+to drive its default behavior, the most important property is the ``profile_data``
+property which can provide a dictionary with the user informations to display
+on the profile page, but other properties are available to tune the behavior:
-Exposed Templates
+A dictionary of entries to display into the profile page,
+the default dictionary is built with::
-The templates used by registration and that can be replaced with
-*tgext.pluggable.replace_template* are:
+    {'display_name':('Display Name', user.display_name),
+     'email_address':('Email Address', user.email_address)}
+each key of the dictionary if the id of the field, in most
+cases it will have the same name of the user property where
+that field is stored. Values of the dictionary are tuples
+where the first value is the name of the field which will
+be displayed and the second one is the real value of the field.
+If an ``avatar`` key is available that is expected to provide
+the url of the avatar image of the user. If it is not available
+userprofile will look for a ``tgapp-fbauth`` facebook avatar or will
+falleback to the default avatar.
+A ToscaWidgets or tw2 form that can be used to edit the user profile.
+By default an autogenerated one with a text field for each entry in
+``profile_data`` is provided.
+A callable which will receive the user data submitted by the edit
+form and is expected to update the user accordingly.
+By default values will be stored as they are into the user field
+with the same id provided into ``profile_data``.


 from tg import expose
-def something(name):
-    return dict(name=name)


-<div xmlns=""
-      xmlns:py=""
-      xmlns:xi="">
-    <div>This is from partial: ${h.userprofile.bold(name)}</div>
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