Mike Bayer committed 1582acb

fixed ms-sql connect() to work with adodbapi

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 - fix to lazy loads when mapping to joins [changeset:1770]
 - all create()/drop() calls have a keyword argument of "connectable".
 "engine" is deprecated.
+- fixed ms-sql connect() to work with adodbapi
 - big overhaul to schema to allow truly composite primary and foreign


 class MSSQLDialect(ansisql.ANSIDialect):            
     def __init__(self, module = None, **params):
         self.module = module or dbmodule
-        self.opts = {}
         ansisql.ANSIDialect.__init__(self, **params)
     def create_connect_args(self, url):
-        self.opts = url.translate_connect_args(['host', 'database', 'user', 'password', 'port'])
-        self.opts.update(url.query)
-        return ([], self.opts)
-    def connect_args(self):
-        return make_connect_string(self.opts)
+        opts = url.translate_connect_args(['host', 'database', 'user', 'password', 'port'])
+        opts.update(url.query)
+        return make_connect_string(opts)
     def create_execution_context(self):
         return MSSQLExecutionContext(self)