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typos in lib/sqlalchemy/orm

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File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/__init__.py

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       * True - a synonym for 'select'
-      * False - a synonyn for 'joined'
+      * False - a synonym for 'joined'
       * None - a synonym for 'noload'
 def composite(class_, *cols, **kwargs):
     """Return a composite column-based property for use with a Mapper.
-    See the mapping documention section :ref:`mapper_composite` for a full
+    See the mapping documentation section :ref:`mapper_composite` for a full
     usage example.
     :param class\_:
       Optional when used in a ``properties={}`` declaration.  The Python
       descriptor or property to layer comparison behavior on top of.
-      The like-named descriptor will be automatically retreived from the
+      The like-named descriptor will be automatically retrieved from the
       mapped class if left blank in a ``properties`` declaration.
-        # joined-load the "orders" colleciton on "User"
+        # joined-load the "orders" collection on "User"
         # joined-load the "keywords" collection on each "Item",
-        # subquery-load the "orders" colleciton on "User"
+        # subquery-load the "orders" collection on "User"
         # subquery-load the "keywords" collection on each "Item",

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/attributes.py

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         Only applies to object-based attributes.
         This is an inlining of existing functionality
-        which roughly correponds to:
+        which roughly corresponds to:
              old is not PASSIVE_NO_RESULT and \
              check_old is not old:
             if pop:
-                 return
+                return
                 raise ValueError(
                     "Object %s not associated with %s on attribute '%s'" % (
                 return cls((), (), ())
                 return cls((), [current], ())
-        # dont let ClauseElement expressions here trip things up
+        # don't let ClauseElement expressions here trip things up
         elif attribute.is_equal(current, original) is True:
             return cls((), [current], ())