Mike Bayer avatar Mike Bayer committed 831000f

- [bug] Fixed bug which would prevent
OrderingList from being pickleable
[ticket:2454]. Courtesy Jeff Dairiki

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     and joins, particularly when using 
     column_property().  [ticket:2453]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug which would prevent
+    OrderingList from being pickleable
+    [ticket:2454].  Courtesy Jeff Dairiki
 - postgresql
   - [feature] Added new for_update/with_lockmode()
     options for Postgresql: for_update="read"/


     # end Py2K
+    def __reduce__(self):
+        return _reconstitute, (self.__class__, self.__dict__, list(self))
     for func_name, func in locals().items():
         if (util.callable(func) and func.func_name == func_name and
             not func.__doc__ and hasattr(list, func_name)):
             func.__doc__ = getattr(list, func_name).__doc__
     del func_name, func
+def _reconstitute(cls, dict_, items):
+    """ Reconstitute an ``OrderingList``.
+    This is the adjoint to ``OrderingList.__reduce__()``.  It is used for
+    unpickling ``OrderingList``\\s
+    """
+    obj = cls.__new__(cls)
+    obj.__dict__.update(dict_)
+    list.extend(obj, items)
+    return obj


-from sqlalchemy import *
-from sqlalchemy.orm import *
-from sqlalchemy.ext.orderinglist import *
+from sqlalchemy import Integer, ForeignKey, String, MetaData
+from sqlalchemy.orm import relationship, mapper, create_session
+from sqlalchemy.ext.orderinglist import ordering_list
 from test.lib.testing import eq_
-from test.lib import *
+from test.lib import fixtures, testing
+from test.lib.schema import Table, Column
+from test.lib.util import picklers
 metadata = None
             self.assert_(alpha[li].position == pos)
+    def test_picklability(self):
+        from sqlalchemy.ext.orderinglist import OrderingList
+        olist = OrderingList('order', reorder_on_append=True)
+        olist.append(DummyItem())
+        for loads, dumps in picklers():
+            pck = dumps(olist)
+            copy = loads(pck)
+            self.assert_(copy == olist)
+            self.assert_(copy.__dict__ == olist.__dict__)
+class DummyItem(object):
+    def __init__(self, order=None):
+        self.order = order
+    def __eq__(self, other):
+        return self.order == other.order
+    def __ne__(self, other):
+        return not (self == other)
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