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revert this, the instrumentation here is conditional

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File doc/build/core/types.rst

 The :class:`.TypeDecorator` allows the creation of custom types which
 add bind-parameter and result-processing behavior to an existing
-type object.  It is used when additional in-Python marshalling of data
+type object.  It is used when additional in-Python marshaling of data
 to and from the database is required.
 .. autoclass:: TypeDecorator

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/

             super(VisitableType, cls).__init__(clsname, bases, clsdict)
-        cls._compiler_dispatch = _generate_dispatch(cls)
+        _generate_dispatch(cls)
         super(VisitableType, cls).__init__(clsname, bases, clsdict)
           """Look for an attribute named "visit_" + self.__visit_name__
             on the visitor, and call it with the same kw params.
-        return _compiler_dispatch
+        cls._compiler_dispatch = _compiler_dispatch
 class Visitable(object):
     """Base class for visitable objects, applies the