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File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

 distribute queries and persistence operations across multiple databases.
 For a usage example, see the :ref:`examples_sharding` example included in 
-the source distrbution.
+the source distribution.

File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

 callbacks. In our case, this is a good thing, since if this dictionary were
 picklable, it could lead to an excessively large pickle size for our value
 objects that are pickled by themselves outside of the context of the parent.
-The developer responsiblity here is only to provide a ``__getstate__`` method
+The developer responsibility here is only to provide a ``__getstate__`` method
 that excludes the :meth:`~.MutableBase._parents` collection from the pickle

File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

     return f
 def _unsugar_count_from(**kw):
-    """Builds counting functions from keywrod arguments.
+    """Builds counting functions from keyword arguments.
     Keyword argument filter, prepares a simple ``ordering_func`` from a
     ``count_from`` argument, otherwise passes ``ordering_func`` on unchanged.

File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

 Advanced Use
-Sessions, Transations and Application Integration
+Sessions, Transactions and Application Integration
 .. note::
     def rollback(self):
-        """Rollback the current transction.
+        """Rollback the current transaction.
         See :meth:`.Session.rollback`.