Maciej Fijalkowski  committed 250b071

fix rsre for 32bit by not providing longs in code

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File pypy/rlib/rsre/

 from pypy.rlib.rsre import rsre_char
 from pypy.rlib.rsre.rsre_core import match
+from pypy.rlib.rarithmetic import intmask
 def get_hacked_sre_compile(my_compile):
     """Return a copy of the sre_compile module for which the _sre
 class GotIt(Exception):
 def my_compile(pattern, flags, code, *args):
-    raise GotIt(code, flags, args)
+    raise GotIt([intmask(i) for i in code], flags, args)
 sre_compile_hacked = get_hacked_sre_compile(my_compile)
 def get_code(regexp, flags=0, allargs=False):