Antonio Cuni committed 46d4d36

(antocuni, arigo): mark more modules as is_core, because they really contain extensions to

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     def is_core_function(self, func):
         mod = func.__module__ or '?'
-        is_interpreter = mod.startswith('pypy.interpreter.')
-        return is_interpreter or mod.startswith('pypy.module.pypyjit.')
+        fname = func.func_name
+        is_interpreter = (mod.startswith('pypy.interpreter.') or
+                          mod.startswith('pypy.objspace.std.frame') or
+                          mod.startswith('pypy.objspace.std.callmethod') or
+                          (mod.startswith('pypy.objspace.std.mapdict') and
+                           (fname.startswith('LOOKUP') or fname.startswith('LOAD'))))
+        return is_interpreter or mod.startswith('pypy.module.pypyjit')
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