Timo Paulssen committed 9014cd3

fix whitebox test that checks for W_StringObject, rather than W_AbstractStringObject.

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         assert space.sliceindices(w_obj, w(3)) == (1,2,3)
     def test_fastpath_isinstance(self):
-        from pypy.objspace.std.stringobject import W_StringObject
+        from pypy.objspace.std.stringobject import W_AbstractStringObject, W_StringObject
         from pypy.objspace.std.intobject import W_IntObject
         from pypy.objspace.std.iterobject import W_AbstractSeqIterObject
         from pypy.objspace.std.iterobject import W_SeqIterObject
         space =
-        assert space._get_interplevel_cls(space.w_str) is W_StringObject
+        assert space._get_interplevel_cls(space.w_str) is W_AbstractStringObject
         assert space._get_interplevel_cls(space.w_int) is W_IntObject
         class X(W_StringObject):
             def __init__(self):
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