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 PyPy.  It will also point you to our documentation section which is
 generated from information in the pypy/doc directory.
-For information in what's new in this release and about PyPy current
-status, please read the release announcement:
+The AVM1/AVM2 translator backends require mecheye-fusion, which is
+easily installable from PyPI:
-    pypy/doc/release-1.0.0.txt or
-    pypy/doc/release-1.0.0.html
+easy_install mecheye-fusion
+pip install mecheye-fusion
 Enjoy and send us feedback!
     the pypy-dev team <>
-For the period December 2004 - March 2007, the development of PyPy has
-been co-funded by the European Union's research programme.  For more
-information on this aspect of the project please visit