Can't download chapters and crashing.

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I can't seems to download chapters regardless of which manga sources I chose. The downloads will stop halfway, and just inform that Error loading chapters.

And if I have the auto check for update version option checked, the app will be crashing soon after it is launched. I need to disable that option in order to it work well.

Please fix. I really do love this app. Thanks!

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  1. Yunar Prawira

    in my case I can't even download it. always paused and if I tap 'resume' it always skipped the chapter and later will be reported as 'completed with an error' and not download anything ( 0.00 mb ).

    LG Pad V500 8.3 wifi only with Android 4.4.2

  2. JohnFlower

    If you're using Android 4.4+, you will have this problem. Apparently there are apps to fix it (I wouldn't trust them) or you could root + flash a custom ROM.

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