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Larry Larry created an issue

When using the ssh plugin helper to handle pull requests, If you issue a merge it returns: Successfully declined the pull-request.

In searching the code

    public void handleRequest() throws IOException {
        try {
            mergePullRequest(repositoryId, pullRequestId, version);
            sshShellHandle.writeOutput("Successfully declined the pull-request.");

I found the text as commented above.

Comments (2)

  1. Larry Larry reporter

    Can someone merge the pull request associated against this bug.
    The code is correct but the message that is being output is wrong. During a merge of a pull request we get pull-request declined which is just wrong as when the operation is over the pull-request has been merged.

  2. Alexander Renteln

    Hi @lbrigman,

    Thanks for being persistant and also I'm very, very sorry. I totally overlooked your PR. I will merge it first thing tomorrow.

    Cheers, Alex

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