Optimized RIC miner, embedded in riecoind by a00k

  • Linux only (using gcc intrinsics, and /proc/meminf)
  • v0.0.1 refined the stability issue of sieve size probing. You can also manually set the sieve size.
  • Use newer verion of GCC(>=4.6), otherwise we may see SIGILL.
  • You may change some parameters hard-codeded here in main.cpp.

    class PSieve 
        static const ulong K = 1024;
        static const ulong M = K*K;
        static const ulong P = 173;/* primorial base */
        static const ulong S = 2*M; /* segment size in bytes */
        static const uint64_t N = 3192*M; /* static prime limit */
        static const ulong Z = 128*M; /* sieve size limit */
        static constexpr double R = 20.0; /* limit prime ratio */
        static constexpr double H = 0.9; /* target heap usage */
  • No dev fees (not sure how to send something from immature blocks..) but feel free to donate: RIC: RKkoa2hyouQKAL1F4YTLjmZ1HoLqSN6bBE


    cd riecoin/src
    make -f makefile.unix
    ./riecoind -daemon
    sleep 40 && ./riecoind setgenerate true <#threads> <#sieveSize> &
    tail -f ~/.riecoin/debug.log
  • Specify sieveSize by mHash using multiples of 16, otherwise the value is probed automatically.